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      About us


             The I.O R. A aims at :

A.      To create awareness among Orthopaedic Surgeons for proper management( Medical & Surgical) and newer development in this Field .

B.      To reuse, favour and stimulate all efforts to do Research .

C.      To Create and develop international scientific relation with Rheumatology.

D.      To elaborate, deepen and radiate the knowledge acquired in the domain and impart to those who ask for it .

E.      To represents this branch of medical knowledge at National& International level.

F.      To do all sorts of work related with the aforesaid Field


         IORA aims to meet challenges which are:


   Limited numbers of specialists with rheumatology training (especially in semi-urban and rural areas).


   Lack of infrastructure in many places for Proper management with multi-disciplinary team approach


   Difficulties  patient education(Time Taking)


   Patient non-compliance with conventional treatment & Biologicals are Costly.


   High prevalence of co-exsisting conditions such as Stressfull Life style and malnutrition.


   Problems with monitoring of adverse events secondary to DMARD therapy.




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